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“Learning to take your finger off the trigger (and putting your gun back in its holster).”

We all have our triggers or hot buttons that, when activated by specific events or particular people, cause us to react from familiar and unique patterns rather than responding consciously. In a stressful environment certain phrases and certain people can cause us to overreact with damaging consequences for our personal and professional relationships and career. Indeed certain personality types may strongly activate us and cause us to react disproportionately that may cause regret. Trigger resolution work can help you perform and respond in difficult and stressful situations with confidence and will allow you to work productively with difficult colleagues, customers and clients. This can be an enormous asset for an individual and an attribute that is likely to be rewarded and appreciated by the organisation.

The neuroscience of this phenomena is well understood but offers little in the way of resolution of the issue. These triggers are well ingrained into your neural wiring but at Contribute we have devised methods to help with this issue. We use modern somatic techniques and our strength in communication training to help you:

  • Become aware of the environments that trigger
  • Identify the source of these triggers
  • Understand the mechanism of the trigger response
  • Develop skills to raise your tolerance around your threshold
  • Lower the intensity of your reactions when you are triggered