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Since 2014 the Dutch police have rolled out training in Disarming Communication which is based on the Nonviolent Communication framework of Marshall Rosenberg. This has received excellent feedback from police in the field and those based in the organisation. Contribute has been working with these trainers from the Dutch police force to examine the benefits of their world class mental performance and disarming communication training. Contribute can now offer this training to organisations which work in a stressful environment where clear and collaborative communication is essential. It is particularly applicable for organisations which rely on strong team work and clear communication in stressful and unpredictable environments. It has applications in policing, the military, education, the emergency and rescue services, healthcare and the prison service.

The benefits of the disarming communication programme are:

  • Clear and effective communication in stressful environments
  • Handling difficult and aggressive people with skill
  • De-escalating crisis situations
  • Negotiating with reactive and triggered individuals and groups
  • Early recognition of stress patterns
  • Anticipating and managing stress
  • Being honest without insulting people
  • Handling awkward conversations with confidence