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“Glenn’s coaching was outstanding. Prior to working with him I was not aware of the extent to which coaching would benefit me. He paired thoughtful and inventive engagement with an expert listening ear. Glenn coaches with integrity. I particularly appreciate the work we did around transitions and moving from old ground to new ground. Glenn’s coaching was really a key factor in helping my move from the U.S. to Ireland.”

Joel Hanisek

“I had the benefit of several coaching sessions with Glenn. His questioning allowed me to reflect on my decisions to date in my personal life and career and focus on what matters to me. Discussing my interests aloud enabled me to have some ‘ah ha’ or ‘light bulb’ moments that I wouldn’t otherwise have had and heightened my self-awareness. I found the coaching experience very worthwhile and would recommend Glenn.”

Liz Smith
Performance Consultant Manager at SAP SuccessFactors

“Glenn has been instrumental in assisting me achieve goals in target areas. His coaching approach motivated me to take ownership of the changes necessary to gain greater role performance – It was the kick start I needed to sharpen my leadership and management capability.”

Una Healy
Clinical Safety Manager, Acute Healthcare Sector

“Glenn is very genuine and this comes across in the sessions.  Although our first group of sessions was a practice group, Glenn handled the groups fears and insecurities with ease and empathy – while still facilitating productive sessions.   He can therefore build trust within the group.  He has a passion for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and this was contagious for me.  I felt at ease picking NVC up and it felt very logical to me, even if I found the role play a little ‘challenging’.   Glenn was always quietly supportive.”

Maeve Dunne
Data Consultant, MDDM

“All in all, I derived much pleasure, learning and value from your Nonviolent Communication (NVC) sessions and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to someone interested in learning about NVC.”

Tadhg Hayes
Web Developer, Dublin

“Your thoughtful, intuitive and observant manner gave me the space to work out what I really wanted to focus on this year. This has made me more effective in work and life.   In a very busy and cluttered world that is a great gift.”

Aideen Dunne
Leadership Coach, Dublin