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Contribute have a commitment to the development of people, teams and organisations through coaching and training. We lever our own experience and use a wide range of leading edge techniques to fulfill the needs of our clients. In order to meet our clients’ needs we are continually engaged in researching and developing new programs.

About Glenn Treacy

Glenn Treacy is the lead coach and trainer at Contribute. Prior to Contribute Glenn worked for 15 years managing the Quantitative Research think tank for Irish Life Investment Managers. Working in such a dynamic and often turbulent sector he gained great insight into to the factors that affect human performance and wellbeing and also witnessed how difficult it is for organisations to meet the challenges of an increasingly dynamic and globalised market place and workforce. Organisations and individuals often struggle to develop the resilience and flexibility to manage themselves and others in an increasingly uncertain world.

Always searching for the leading edge, he studied the Centaur personality model with its founder Sandy Cotter in London from 2010 to 2013 and trained with the world renowned body psychotherapist, David Boadella, as a Somatic Coach at the Biosynthesis Institute in Heiden, Switzerland from 2010 to 2015. He is also a graduate of the Business and Executive Coaching Diploma at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

Glenn believes that many of his clients’ goals can be reached through developing their communication skills and capacities.

Contribute Coaching Glenn Treacy

Our communication, in particular, our own inner dialogue, could be the largest piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

To facilitate transformation a wide and diverse set of skills, well beyond the standard toolkit, is required.

Glenn is a member of the Common Purpose movement and believes that organisations can benefit from a wider perspective of their role in the lives of their employees and of society in general.

Glenn finds water skiing to be an excellent way to unwind.