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Emotional Intelligence (EI) is recognised as a key trait in effective leaders in our organisations. Contribute take a unique perspective in this increasingly important area of professional development. Since the 1990s, research in the area of neuroscience has flourished and more is understood about our cognitive and emotional state than ever before. Understanding the science can certainly provoke curiosity. However we believe that neuroscience offers very little to help us develop emotional intelligence. We do not believe that this can effectively assessed by a questionnaire or an online survey or profiling tool. How I fill out a questionnaire depends on my emotional state, my triggers and my emotional association with words and phrases so we see little point in trying to measure this quantitatively. Quite simply our emotional state is too complex and multi-dimensional to measure in a remote and simplistic fashion.

At Contribute we combine various strands of our expertise: our deep communication skills, somatic coaching and trigger resolution, to address this important area of development.

We tailor our EI programme directly to our clients’ requirements and take an interactive and experiential approach. In our workshops participants will engage in one-to-one visualisations, exercises and group work to raise their awareness of their own emotional states and directly experience the benefits of expanding their skills and awareness.